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What is Mental Health?

mental wellness talk

We have been hearing people talking a lot about mental health nowadays, what is mental health and what does having a good mental health entail? In this blog, we are going to outline the features of a healthy mind, so that it can helps us to identify what can go awry when we fall ill mentally. 

Mental health comprises of our psychological, emotional and social well-being. It affects the way we think, feel and behave. A healthy mind enables us to maneuverer our moods with clear sight and purpose, help us to make good choice, good decision and respond to the situations with calm mind. As our lives is unfolding with good decisions and calm mind, we naturally feel good about ourselves and enhance our self-confidence. These are the features of healthy mind:   

Healthy mind act as an editing mind

When our mind is functioning optimally, our healthy mind act as an editing mind that helps us to sieve through those astray, dramatic, terrifying thoughts, keeping our critical and punitive judgement at bay. When we are going through major events such as interviewing for a new job or taking someone on a date, our healthy mind gives us the positive energy and motivation to achieve our goals instead of beating ourselves up.

Healthy mind speaks like a compassionate friend

A healthy mind speaks to us like a compassionate friend instead of a harsh friend who forces us to listen and insist on our unworthiness.  Simultaneously, a healthy mind helps us to resists the pull of unfair comparisons, disallowing the others ‘achievements and success to ditch our self-esteem and self-worth. Instead, a healthy mind helps us to recognize that people have very different upbrings and trajectories through life.

Healthy mind makes good judgement of our fears

A healthy mind makes a good judgement of our fear, it can make distinction between what could conceivably happen versus what is likely to happen. It gives us peace and assurance by recognizing the eventuality of fate, confident that awful things either will not happen, or it could be dealt with if it ever happened. It avoids catastrophic imaginings by realistically recognizing that awful things happen progressively if it would have to unfold instead of it is a steep and slippery incline of the event.

Healthy Mind helps us to be presence

A healthy mind has compartments with heavy doors that shut securely so that it helps us to be presence and engaged with what and who is immediately around. It helps you to censor and quieten our own buzzing preoccupations, help us to be a good listener and good observer in life.

Healthy Mind helps us to takes risk to trust people

A healthy mind combines an appropriate suspicion of certain people with a fundamental trust in humanity. It doesn’t draw conclusions from life’s worst moments to destroy the possibility of anything good emerging with a new acquaintance. It helps us to take intelligent risk with a people, so that we can enjoy the connection with people.

A healthy mind knows how to hope

When we are going through a difficult time and trying moment, healthy mind helps us to identify reasons to hang on to it tenaciously and help us to endure by bracing the negativity. It reminds you to appreciate what is still beautiful and kind, allowing you to still look forward to a little enjoyment in life such as having some dried fruit or dark chocolate, a chat with a friend, or a satisfying day of work.

In conclusion, mental health is a state of wellbeing in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, having the ability to cope with the normal stressors of life, enable us to work productively and fruitfully, as well as making contribution to the community. Mental health is also a continuum, and we can move up and down of being mentally well or being mentally ill according to the factors such as our genetic makeup, upbringing, our life circumstances, and the stressors that we are under.

We all are going through different seasons of life; there are seasons that is more challenging and difficult, there are also seasons that we feel that we are at the top of our game. It is important to recognize that mental health is ultimately as important as our body counterpart -physical health, there is no shame in taking care of our mental health. It is our personal responsibility to learn how we can improve and maintain our wellbeing to lead a meaningful and satisfying live. Want to learn how you can do this? Why not consider psychotherapy or counselling as part of your self-care regime? You will be equipped with all the tools and awareness that you need to look after yourself mentally.

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