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A couple is having Couple Therapy by Awaken Counselling Centre

What is Couple Therapy | A Detailed Guide?

When two people live together, arguments and conflicts are inevitable. However, if you feel like these disagreements are becoming frequent, taking away the peace of your relationship, couple’s therapy can be a lifeline. It helps you regain harmony, communication, and understanding within your relationship so you both feel happy and

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Navigating Jealousy in Relationships

Embarking on the journey of managing jealousy within romantic relationships can feel like navigating through a maze of emotions. It’s a path fraught with uncertainties, triggered by the innate fear of losing the person we hold dear to someone else. If you find yourself grappling with feelings of possessiveness, mistrust,

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True Story: Relationship Injury in Couple Relationship

Relationship injuries can inflict profound psychological trauma within various interpersonal connections, including parent-child bonds, romantic partnerships, and close friendships. This article delves into the narrative of Debbie and Mark, shedding light on the complex dynamics and emotional turmoil they faced in their couple relationship. By exploring their challenges and the

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Benefits of psychotherapy for Mental Health

Calling for help is not easy. If you are reading this article, chances are, you either think you need help, you think someone else needs help, or someone thinks you need help. Whatever the case, this is a good first step. Psychotherapy can be a daunting subject. Please allow me

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