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asian young couple have some argument at home and get upset

Treatment For Communication Problem

Do you know that how well we communicate is not determined by what we say but by how well we are understood? Beneath every word we say is a myriad of non-verbal factors such as context, body language, nature and state of the relationship and cultural backgrounds..

Misunderstandings are common occurrences in our day-to-day lives with casual acquaintances, colleagues and friends. For couples, the consequences of such misunderstandings can be more severe.

In an intimate marital relationship, couple needs to learn how to navigate a wide range of complex topics and emotions, such as finances, sex, parenting, and personal values to build a family together and deepen their relationship. Marriage is not merely the union of two individuals, it is also the union of two families with different beliefs, values, and outlooks. Poor communication can result in significant distress and tension, and may even affect marital satisfaction in the long run.

In therapy, our goal is to help the couple untangle unhealthy ways of interaction such as criticism, stonewalling, and defensiveness, and replace them with active listening skills. We adopt Emotionally Focused Therapy or Gottman Couple Therapy approach to help the couples build a stronger bond. Better mutual understanding will in turn help their verbal communication, thereby starting a virtuous cycle that will strengthen and deepen their relationship.

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