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intimacy issue

Treatment For Intimacy Issue in Marriage

Intimacy binds two individuals together and brings satisfaction in the relationship. A relationship without intimacy is just like a relationship without love – it feels lifeless and dead. Having said that, intimacy issues common in marriages. Intimacy can refer to both physical and emotional closeness, and couples may struggle with one or both aspects of intimacy.

There are many reasons that contribute to poor intimacy in the relationship such as stressors in life, communication problems, resentment or anger or lack of time. When a couple doesn’t feel close to one another, their communication suffers too, which contributes to an unhelpful cycle that brings the couple further apart.

If you face this problem, reach out to us. We provide a safe space to help you identify and overcome the root impediments to intimacy and strengthen your relationship.

We adopt Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) or Gottman Couple Therapy approach to help the couples build a stronger bond.

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