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Treatment For Life Transition Challenges

All of us go through different stages of life transition such as graduating from school, starting a new job, welcoming a newborn, moving to a new city, illness, and so on. Whether if it is positive or negative, transitions can be unsettling and may challenge our sense of identity, role, relationships, and daily routines.

Marriage is a major life transition. Our identities, social circles and life perspectives can change dramatically after “I do”. We learn to adjust to living with our spouse and relating to his/her family. We have to make plans together and fuse our aspirations.

You do not need to go through this alone if this describes you. We can journey with you by helping you to explore your support system, teaching you the skills needed to deal with emotional distress and stressful situation, and helping you to put things into perspective. Do schedule a free call with us to explore how we can be a help to you.

We adopt Emotionally Focused Therapy, Systemic Approach, or Gottman Couple Therapy approach to help the couples build a stronger bond.

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