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Treatment for adjustment and transitional change

Therapy For Adjustment and Transitional Change

Do you know stress itself can be positive or negative? The positive stress, called eustress, comes from events like starting a new job, relocating to a different country, home renovations, or starting a family. All these events can be exciting yet equally stressful. The negative stress, known as distress, like getting divorced or being diagnosed with a serious illness. The uncertainties and the unknown from these new events in life reduce your sense of control over your life, causing the anxiety that impede your ability to cope with the transitions effectively. A prolong stress may affect your relationships and your mental health.

Therapists provide you with the support you need to cope with the changes. They help you break down the problem, help you to make the best choice and the best move of action base on your priorities and your values. When you recognize that you are making the best-informed choices, you will be more assured and appreciate the transition instead of feeling bogged down by it.

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