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Therapy for Depression

We all feel sad when you have lost something precious to you. It is normal to feel sad when we encounter loss (es), it can be a loss of our beloved item, loss of ambition or loss of someone. We grieve and mourn for few days or weeks, and we gradually move out from our sadness.

However, if this sadness persists for more than two weeks, causing you loss interest in your daily activities to the extent that you find it hard to function, you may want to do this self-test to learn if you have depression.

These are the symptoms that people who are depressed may experience:

  • Sad almost all day, every day?
  • Constant fatigue or loss of energy?
  • Don’t have anything to look forward to in life?
  • Guilty or worthless every day?
  • Increase sleepy or hungry than usual?
  • Suicidal?


If you’re experiencing two or more of these symptoms, get in touch with our therapist to figure out the cause behind these feelings and what you can do to better manage your depressive thoughts and feelings. With the help of our therapist, you can get back to enjoy your daily life to the fullest.

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