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Treatment for positive self-image

Treatment For a Positive Self-Image

Body image is important for adolescents as a positive self-image helps them gain peer acceptance. Peer acceptance has been found to be a general protective effect on their self-esteem. Therefore, it is very common for teenagers to worry if they are popular, good–looking, or smart. In fact, it’s common for even the most self–assured teen to be concerned about this at times.

However, if they dislike their body image to the extent that they feel like no one wants to hang out with them. Or they are obsessed with trying to change some part of their body. Or even they feel lousy about themselves to the extent of feeling depressed?

Then it is important for them to seek help, so they can learn skills to cope, to feel better, and accept their body as it is. The goal of the therapy is to help them to recognize that their self-worth and self-esteem are bigger or more than their self-image.

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