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Treatment for youth depression

Treatment For Depression

Feeling sad about not doing well on a test or after having a quarrel with your friends or family members is normal. But if you experienced a prolonged sadness that lasts for weeks, especially without any apparent reason, then you may be having depression.

Teenagers go through various major transitions in their adolescence, such as puberty, learning to gain peer acceptance from friends, going through major examinations for university and etc. These changes push youths to grow psycho-emotionally, but it also creates tremendous stress for youth.  Failing to cope with these stressors, can trigger major depressive episodes.

For teenagers, symptoms of depression can manifest in the form of intense mood swings, rebellious behaviour, excessive guilt, social withdrawal, risk-taking behaviour, or use of drugs or alcohol.

If you find yourself struggling with depression and resonating with some of the symptoms here, reach out to us for help so that you can learn the useful skills for coping with these transitions and you won’t feel so alone when you are given the right support.

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