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Treatment for romantic relationship issues

Treatment For Romantic Relationship Issues

Romantic relationships are a common topic of conversation among adolescents going through puberty and hormonal changes. Being in a romantic relationship teaches them about communication, emotions, empathy, identity, and even sex. These lessons often set the stone for their long-term relationships in adulthood. This is also an important contributor to growth, resilience, and happiness in the teenage years.

Of course, relationships can have their disadvantages too. Romantic relationships often are a significant source of preoccupation and rumination in adolescents. Entering into the world of relationships almost inevitably leads to an emotionally vulnerable experience, such as breaking up. For teens who are more sensitive to rejection, breaking up can trigger a series of self-doubt and despair. In addition, if they are engaged in an unhealthy relationship that is characterized by a lack of trust, constant conflict, and dating violence, this may lead them at risk of depression and anxiety.

Whether you are looking for the skills to build a healthy relationship or need support to deal with your emotional vulnerability, you can reach out to our therapist for help and support. We will help you to identify the problem that you face and equip you with the skills to better manage the relationship.

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