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Treatment for work-related stress

Treatment For Work-Related Stress

On average, Singaporeans spend 45 hours a week at work, which contributes to nearly one third of our awake time daily.

Stressors at the workplace are unavoidable and a prolong unmanage stress will cause exhaustion and even burnout, eventually affecting all aspects of your life. Physically, you are also susceptible to flu, cold, hypertension, headaches, or muscular tension, and even heart diseases. Psychologically, you may feel depressed, anxious, and mood swings that may affect your actions such as hostility and aggression towards people around you.

Therefore, developing effective coping strategies to help you get through the job will also protect you from physical and mental health-related issues. Through therapy, we will help you to identify your stressors and understand how it have been affecting you. When you are more aware of it, you can develop coping strategies to deal with the stressors. Our therapists will also teach you regulations skills to reduce your stress and anxiety level.

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