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Frequently Asked Questions


We offer counselling to individuals looking for emotional or relational healing. The emotional issues that we typically address include: depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, insecurity, body image issue, anger or other emotional struggles. The relational challenges we typically address range from premarital, marital and parenting conflict. For cases that extend beyond our expertise, like pathological addiction and minors younger than 13 years old, we will refer our clients to specialised help.

Most of our clients do not feel distressed all the time.  They experience periodic and recurring episodes of distress, usually because they have not come to terms with some past traumas or hurts.  It is important for you to process your distressing thoughts or feelings with a professional counsellor.  With professional guidance, feedback, and support, you can stop experiencing those bad feelings and feel better and happier.    

It is normal to feel nervous for your first counselling session. Our counsellors are trained to provide a safe environment and help you ease into the process. For the first session, the counsellor would explain to you how counselling works and also ask questions to get to know you. The counsellor may also elicit from you what you seek to achieve through counselling. Feel free to ask questions to help you to better understand how it works.

No, because we provide counselling not psychiatric services. We don’t process insurance nor provide advice on medication. However, we can provide referrals for psychiatric treatment if we deem that medication can aid the counselling process.

Yes. We are registered clinical member with Singapore Association of Counselling (SAC), Membership No: C0493. Our practice is also strictly adhered to SAC code of ethic.

An individual counselling session last about 50 to 60 mins, a couple or family session lasts for 80 to 90 mins. The frequency of the sessions and the number of sessions will vary from case to case. Most clients will experience a positive change in their struggles after 5 to 6 sessions.

The main purpose of a phone consultation is to help you better understand the counselling process. The common questions that people ask in the phone consultation include: How can counselling help them in their distress? How would counselling work? Fees, appointment bookings, pre-session preparation etc.! In addition, many clients take the opportunity to assess if they feel comfortable with the therapist and whether they feel that the therapist can be a help to them.

The consultation session is NOT a counselling session, so the therapist would not be intervening in your issue. If you need help urgently or are in a lot of distress, we recommend that you book the first counselling appointment directly, so that the therapist can start working with you as soon as possible.

Yes, we can provide online counselling service for you in English or Chinese. But if there is a risk of you hurting yourself or others, the online counselling may not be suitable for you. We would suggest that you seek support from your local mental health service professionals.

Fees & Payment

  • Individual therapy (60mins): $200
  • Online individual session (60mins): $180
  • Couple therapy (75mins): $290
  • Online Couple therapy (75mins): $270

Weekends and weekday appointments after 6pm will incur a $20 surcharge. 

You can make the payment through PayNow via 

UEN No:202135568E


Bank Transfer:

Account Number: 601-644990-001
Beneficiary Name : Awaken Counselling Centre Pte Ltd
Bank Code : 7339
Bank Branch Code : 601
Swift Code: OCBCSGSG
Bank Address : 65 Chulia Street OCBC Centre Singapore 049513
Bank Name : OCBC Bank


You can also pay through Credit Card when you book the appointment on our website. 

We will provide receipts upon request for insurance claims and other purposes. However, insurance coverage varies.  It is important for you to ensure that your insurance policy covers counselling or psychotherapy services.

Yes, you can ask for a refund as long as you have not utilized the session and it is within 6 months from the time of your booking, except for the package.

A 20% administrative charge applies to all refund requests.  You can submit your request by filling up this refund request form, we will process your request within 2 weeks upon the submission.

Collecting payments in advance is a common practice among many counselling centres.   When we collect the payment from you, we are committed to delivering the service as promised; we will secure the counselling room and the therapist’s schedule for you. We will also dispense with the need for administrative matters during the session so that the therapists can focus on your counselling needs. 

Rescheduling and cancellation policy

  1. A 24-hour notice is required for all cancellations or rescheduling. Failure to provide this notice will result in a charge equivalent to 50% of your scheduled counseling rate. If you are unable to attend a session and fail to notify us 3 hours before the scheduled start time, the session will be considered missed, and a fee corresponding to the full counseling rate will be imposed.

  2. We understand that unforeseen medical circumstances may arise, and we encourage you to communicate with us as soon as possible in such situations to discuss any exceptions or rescheduling options. Exceptions will only apply for documented medical conditions.

If you would like to reschedule your appointment 24 hours before your scheduled session, you can access the Appointment Confirmation email to make changes or cancel the appointment yourself. For any cancellations or rescheduling within 24 hours of your scheduled session, please reach out directly to your therapist.

We can switch the face-to-face session to an online format. Reach out to your counselor promptly to discuss the feasibility of this adjustment.

If you are unable to attend a session and do not notify us 3 hours before the scheduled start time, the session will be considered missed, and the corresponding fee to the full counselling rate will be applied. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, and we encourage you to communicate with us as soon as possible in such situations.


We render support to individuals with limited financial means. Please email us at [email protected] with relevant documents that prove your financial circumstances such as your student ID, your pay slip, CPF statement and etc. and an explanation of your financial circumstances. For eligible cases, we will offer a 10% to 20% discount off our board rates.

There are many benefits:

Firstly, it helps you to save at least $200 directly from a 6-session plan, you can save from the peak hour surcharge by just topping up $60.

Secondly, by buying the package, you are also making a commitment that would give enough time and attention during this period to work through your issue.  The regular session will give you the momentum that you need for positive change.

Thirdly, it gives you the peace of mind to get the support you need during difficult time without needing to worry for finance.

Cost for a 5 sessions non-peak package is $890 ($178/session); top-up $60 for the peak hour package. The package’s validity is 6 months. 


Absolutely. We uphold strict confidentiality in our practice to provide a safe environment for our clients. The SAC code of ethic requires us to breach confidentiality in these situations: if client poses potential harm to self or poses potential harm to another person.

As we are upholding the confidentiality of the session, we are also committed to the safety of our staff and clients. Therefore, we use a closed-circuit television system (“CCTV”) at our sites. ACC is aware that images of recognizable individuals, such as staff and site visitors, captured by the CCTV system constitute ‘personal data’, use of which is governed by data protection law. 

The purpose of the CCTV system is:

  • To increase the personal safety of our staff and visitors to our sites;
  • To support our health and safety measures;
  • To assist in identifying, apprehending and prosecuting any offenders on Company sites;
  • To protect the Company’s buildings and assets and those of its staff from intrusion, theft, vandalism, damage or disruption.
Access to recorded CCTV footage is restricted to a limited number of security staff. CCTV footage may only be accessed or disclosed to the extent necessary in order to deal with an incident which falls within the purpose identified above and CCTV footage will not be accessed or used for any other purpose. The images captured by the CCTV System will not be stored for any longer than is required in order to achieve the purposes identified above. CCTV footage will automatically be deleted on a 30-day rolling basis, unless specific images are required in order to deal with an incident or in order to respond to a request by an individual made under the law.


Yes, we do rent our counselling space to other practitioners.   However, we highly prioritize privacy in our office, so we only offer the space for annual rentals. We have a monthly subscription fee of $110 , includes 3 free individual room bookings. If you are interested and would like to learn more, please contact us at +65 8857 5573 or e-mail [email protected].

We do consider interns for various roles, with internships lasting more than 6 months to ensure a sufficient learning experience, given the resources required for training. Interested candidates can send resumes to [email protected].

We pride ourselves on delivering quality counselling services. As such, we only consider candidates with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in the helping profession. therapists with 5 years or less experience may consider our internship program. Shortlisted candidates will need to undergo a clinical interview or submit clinical session materials for assessment of competency. Interested candidates, please email your resume to [email protected]