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Healing Within Reach

Apprenticeship Programme
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As senior therapists with decades of experience, we are deeply committed to advancing the counselling industry in Singapore and beyond. To nurture the next generation of therapists, we have developed a rigorous 6-month apprenticeship program for new therapists joining our team. Through our ‘Healing Within Reach’ initiative, clients benefit from professional counselling at reduced rates while contributing to the invaluable hands-on training of emerging therapists. This dual benefit ensures clients receive quality care and support while actively shaping the future of counselling.

Our vision extends beyond Singapore, as we aspire to expand the impact of our counselling services throughout Southeast Asia. By fostering a network of skilled therapists across the region, we aim to make high-quality counselling accessible to more communities, driving a positive change in mental health support across Southeast Asia. Join us in this mission to empower individuals and transform lives through compassionate, expert counselling services.



By participating in our ‘Healing Within Reach’ programme, clients gain access to these key benefits:

  • Affordable Counselling Services: We understand that financial barriers can prevent individuals from seeking the help they need. Our programme offers reduced fees ranging from $80 (online) to $100 (in-person) per session, making it easier for clients to access the necessary support.
  • Qualified Counsellors: All apprentices in this programme have completed a certified counselling programme recognised by the Singapore Association of Counselling. This ensures they have a strong academic foundation and are well-prepared to provide professional and empathetic support.
  • Quality Assurance: To maintain the highest standards of care, sessions within this programme will be recorded and reviewed by our senior counsellors. This process ensures that every client receives quality service while maintaining client confidentiality and privacy. Additionally, new counsellors will manage a maximum of 10 clients at any given time to ensure each client receives sufficient attention and quality care.
  • Maximum Flexibility: Clients can choose to terminate their sessions whenever they wish. There is no minimum commitment period, allowing clients to engage in therapy at their own pace.
  • Feedback Encouraged: We value and welcome all kinds of feedback on sessions with our apprentices. Please email any feedback you might have to Michael Chin, our clinical director, at Your input is crucial for enhancing our program.

Future Prospects for Apprentices

After the six-month apprenticeship, each counsellor’s competency will be assessed. Based on this evaluation, their professional charges will be adjusted to the board rate, which ranges from $110 to $140. This progression reflects their increased experience and expertise, ensuring they continue to offer high-quality support to their clients.


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