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Valerie Oh

Valerie Oh Lead Therapist Associate

Hi! I am Valerie

“Who we are is a gift” is a consistent mantra I bring into the counselling room, where clients are encouraged to come just as they are. It has been gratifying to see clients gradually embracing a sense of self-acceptance; experiencing “being enough” for themselves and others; and living out their preferred stories for their personal and interpersonal lives.

This has enabled me to find a lot of meaning and purpose in journeying alongside people with difficult stories, emotions and thoughts.

I have learnt that every individual has parts. Parts can be hurt, broken and in pain from the past. Each part deserves a safe space to be listened to, held and cared for with curiosity, awareness and healing.  Often, my clients leave the session saying “I did not know that I have parts.”; “I did not know that my parts have needs.”; “I want to be more curious and care for my parts outside the counselling session.”

This keeps me going on – to be present and guide clients towards healing their parts for a more wholesome inner life filled with clarity, congruence and compassion.

 We, being human beings, are enough to live well for ourselves and others.


What Clients Say About Valerie


Anxiety and Depression, Developmental Trauma, Couple Therapy 


SAC Registered Counsellor & Clinical Supervisor

SASW Registered Social Worker

Member of AMFTS (Association for Marital and Family Therapy Singapore)


18 years


Person-of the Therapist (POTT), Internal Family Systems, Emotion-Focused Couple Therapy & Solution-Focused Behavioural Therapy (SFBT)


Ms. Valerie Oh, a psychotherapist is experienced and equipped in working with individuals, couples and families presented with emotional and relational issues, related to difficult growing-up experiences, developmental trauma or acute trauma.

Her clients have experienced greater understanding and awareness of their parts through her curiosity, empathy and clarity. The safe therapeutic space has enabled these clients to unstuck and experience relational healing from recurring conflicts and ambivalence.

She hopes that every client who crosses her professional path would experience “Who they are is enough”. She hopes to help every client access the leadership of the Self so that they can guide and lead their parts outside of the counselling sessions with strength and wisdom.


Valerie started her career as a social worker in one of the local family service centres.  During the seven years, she worked with individuals, youths, couples and families presented with financial difficulties, relational difficulties and mental health concerns.

Those collective professional experiences further sparked her interest in systemic (relational) and family therapy. Since a decade ago, she has been specializing in counselling related to mental health wellness and developmental trauma. She also provides training and supervision to social service practitioners.


Valerie is an author of a children’s book “I Hear You” (2020). She contributes a chapter “Embracing Difficult Emotions with Compassion” in Weaving Compassion – Relational Understandings and Practices with Counselling and Care Centre (2019). 

Highest Qualifications

(Family & Systemic Psychotherapy)

Middlesex University, London in collaboration with Counselling and Care Centre & Institute of Family Therapy, London

B.Soc.Sc. (Hons)
(Social Work)

National University of Singapore

(Clinical Supervision)

Counselling and Care Centre, Singapore