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to Heal

Mental Health & Psychotherapy
Treatments in Singapore




to Heal

Mental Health & Psychotherapy
Treatments in Singapore
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Our Belief

We believe that every person has an inherent capacity to overcome adversities, heal emotional wounds and repair broken relationships. 

Our mission is to help every client awaken this inner strength, reclaim their positive sense of self and live a fulfilling and genuine life. 

A person who is more comfortable with themselves, is also better able to embrace others into his or her life and build more intimate relationships.

Every person is unique. No single counselling approach will work for everyone in every situation. While our therapists are skilled in a wide array of approaches, we will customize our approach according to your needs and comfort.


Therapies & Treatments


For Adult

who faces difficult life situations, emotional difficulties or relationship...


For Youth

age 12 to 18 who experience emotional distress.

Couple therapy

For Couple

looking to enhance their relationships.

employee assistance programme

For Business

We offer talks that is related on mental health hygiene to support company’s need...

Navigating the Challenges and Triumphs of a Year at
Awaken Counselling Centre (ACC)

Reflecting on the year gone by fills my heart with a mix of emotions—gratitude, humility, and a sense of accomplishment. As the year unfolded, I set out on a path of personal and professional growth, little knowing that it would lead me to unexpected places.

At the outset, I saw myself as the sole therapist at Awaken Counselling Centre, navigating the challenges and joys of ACC. However, life had its own plans, and a new colleague – Ms Valerie Oh entered my world. Like many of you, I grappled with doubts and hesitations. Managing people was never my forte, but as she became a part of our team, I embraced the idea that this year was meant for learning and growth.

The journey wasn’t without its hurdles. The demands of a thriving counselling practice brought about a whirlwind of challenges, testing my ability to balance various aspects of work and expectations. Amid the chaos, I constantly reminded myself to anchor in my clinical work as a good counseling practice requires a grounded self! But the reality of daunting task that often led to moments of anxiety. In acknowledging my imperfections, I discovered a profound truth—we are all human, prone to mistakes and missteps.

Thankfully, I often found solace in the understanding and support of those around me—clients, colleagues, and family members. Their patience and encouragement became the pillars that held me up during moments of self-doubt and struggles. I think I have emerged from this year’s challenges stronger and wiser, having passed the “training” life threw my way.

During this season, I found myself immersed in working with clients on their relationships with their loved on. This struck a chord within me, awakening a desire to bridge the emotional gaps with my parents. Despite the physical distance, I am determined to cultivate deeper connections in the coming year. “Relationship” will be my anchor for this coming year—not just with my parents but also with my clients, colleagues, and family members.

As a business owner, I recognize the importance of financial success, but I aspire to live a life centered on what truly matters—relationships. I extend an invitation to all of you to join me on this journey. I believe many of you share similar yearnings, and together, we can navigate the complexities of life, sharing our struggles and celebrating successes as a united community. We are not alone, let us embark on this collective journey toward meaningful connections and a life well-lived.

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Our counseling center will be relocating to Paya Lebar Square on February 26, 2024 (Monday)! This move opens doors to enhanced services in a larger, more comforting space.
Your unwavering support drives us, and we can’t wait to nurture our relationship further in our new home!