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to Heal

Mental Health & Psychotherapy
Treatments in Singapore




to Heal

Mental Health & Psychotherapy
Treatments in Singapore

Our Belief

We believe that every person has an inherent capacity to overcome adversities, heal emotional wounds and repair broken relationships. 

Our mission is to help every client awaken this inner strength, reclaim their positive sense of self and live a fulfilling and genuine life. 

A person who is more comfortable with themselves, is also better able to embrace others into his or her life and build more intimate relationships.

Every person is unique. No single counselling approach will work for everyone in every situation. While our therapists are skilled in a wide array of approaches, we will customize our approach according to your needs and comfort.


Therapies & Treatments


For Adult

who faces difficult life situations, emotional difficulties or relationship...


For Youth

age 12 to 18 who experience emotional distress.

Couple therapy

For Couple

looking to enhance their relationships.

employee assistance programme

For Business

We offer talks that is related on mental health hygiene to support company’s need...


Resilience Awakening (Client's Recovering Story)

Home At Last, a painting by him

With our client’s permission, we would like to take a moment to share something truly remarkable with you – a picture that holds profound meaning and reflects the incredible progress that one of our clients have made on his therapeutic journey. This image, titled “Home at Last,” was created by him, and it beautifully captures his path toward healing, solace, and post-traumatic growth.

In this picture, the presence of a dove signifies peace, a symbol of the tranquillity he has found within himself. It represents the profound transformation he’s undergone, emerging from the black hole, once a heavy burden he carried into the light of inner peace. The black hole that once consumed his being has given way to an awakening, allowing him to release the pain and fear that held him captive for so long.

His journey has led him to a place where he no longer feels alone or afraid. Through therapy, he’s discovered another part of himself – one that is wise and compassionate. This serves as a heartwarming reminder of the strength that resides within each of us, a strength that allows us to heal, to grow, and to find solace.

We’re sharing this story with you because it embodies the essence of what we do at our centre – providing support, guidance, and a safe space for individuals to AWAKEN your ability to heal. This story inspires us and reminds us of the incredible capacity to heal within everyone of us. 

If you’re interested in delving deeper into our clients’ inspiring recovery journeys, simply click here or take a look at our Google reviews for more insights into how counseling can be a source of support during challenging times.


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