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to Heal

Mental Health & Psychotherapy
Treatments in Singapore




to Heal

Mental Health & Psychotherapy
Treatments in Singapore

Our Belief

We believe that every person has an inherent capacity to overcome adversities, heal emotional wounds and repair broken relationships. 

Our mission is to help every client awaken this inner strength, reclaim their positive sense of self and live a fulfilling and genuine life. 

A person who is more comfortable with themselves, is also better able to embrace others into his or her life and build more intimate relationships.

Every person is unique. No single counselling approach will work for everyone in every situation. While our therapists are skilled in a wide array of approaches, we will customize our approach according to your needs and comfort.


Therapies & Treatments


For Adult

who faces difficult life situations, emotional difficulties or relationship...


For Youth

age 12 to 18 who experience emotional distress.

Couple therapy

For Couple

looking to enhance their relationships.

employee assistance programme

For Business

We offer talks that is related on mental health hygiene to support company’s need...


Valerie Oh Welcome Aboard!

I am absolutely delighted to have Valerie join us at Awaken Counselling Centre!

I first met Valerie in 2015, when she was the course trainer for my Graduate Diploma in Counselling program. I was immediately taken by her warm demeanour and vast knowledge in counselling. What impressed me most was her ability to get to the core of one’s individual struggles as trainees and create a deep connection with us. Her compassion, empathy and interpersonal skills were exemplary, making it a pleasure to interact with her. Whenever I hear her gentle and calming voice, it felt like I’m receiving free therapy – she has a truly therapeutic presence.

Valerie has a wealth of experience in counselling and psychotherapy, having been in the field for almost twenty years. Her generous nature is evident in her willingness to share her knowledge and expertise through training and mentoring other professionals. She is a valuable addition to Awaken Counselling Centre, helping us to reach greater heights of service excellence.

To show our gratitude for your trust in us, we have a special offer for you – a $20 discount when you book your first appointment with Valerie in May 2023. With this coupon code [SELFCARE20], you can experience the advantages of working with Valerie at an economical rate. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!

Take advantage of this opportunity and book an appointment today! I promise you that the counselling services you’ll receive are of the highest quality and will have a beneficial effect on your mental health and overall well-being. 

Fion & Valerie standing together

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We have wealth of experiences in helping you to deal with your psycho-emotional and relationship distress.