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Domestic violence and Family conflict

Family Conflict Resolution

Conflicts are part and parcel of a relationship. If handled effectively, it can build trust and respect in the relationship. Therefore, the key to a successful marriage is not avoiding conflict, but rather learning how to respond to the conflict in a constructive way that can bring growth to the individual and relationship.

Without the right skill and perspective, a small issue can potentially escalate to become a hurtful attack on a party, resulting in alienation and in the extreme, even divorce.

A couple in conflict often gets too absorbed in the issue at hand, making it hard for them to see their blind spots or even see the issue in a different light. This is where the therapist comes in.

In conflict resolution therapy, one of the goals is for the couple to identify the root cause of the conflict and address it. Couples will also learn how to reconcile when there is no agreement by accepting and respecting each other’s differences and managing them in a healthy way.

We adopt Emotionally Focused Therapy or Gottman Couple Therapy approach to help the couples build a stronger bond.

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