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treatment for youth anger management

Treatment For Anger Management

The teenage years are challenging for many teenagers. This is the time when you are trying to find your place and trying to fit into your social circle. As you are grappling with various adjustments and stressors, the unwanted extra stressors in school or in relationships can trigger frustration and anger in you.

It is not a problem to have anger, but the problem arises when you feel that you can’t control it and express it in an appropriate way. These are the warning signs:

Do you find that you are easily losing it to the extent that you throw things against the wall, yell at others or even get into fights with your peers?

Do you also find that you are easily mad at everything, so much so that you feel a fire rising inside you?

If these resonate with you, you need to seek help to find a healthier way to manage your anger as unmanaged anger would have long-term detrimental effects on your relationship, and your health and can even get you into a legal problem. Our therapists are familiar with the issue that you face and can help you identify the root cause of your anger and deal with it healthily.

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