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treatment for self-harm

Treatment For Self-Harm

Everyone deals with stress and emotional pain differently. Some helpful ways to cope with it are to talk to a trusted adult, friends, exercise and etc.  While some would use self-harm, like burning the skin, picking at wounds, cutting and etc.  Using self-harm to cope is both a destructive and an unhelpful way of coping with stress and it can be life-threatening too. 

The common reason that people self-harm is because they hope to ease the excruciating emotional pain with the physical pain. Self-harm can also be a form of punishment that people inflict on themselves for their wrongdoing.

Nobody likes to resort to self-harm to cope. If you are using self-harm to cope, this is a sign that your emotions are too overwhelming, and you need some professional help to learn to cope with it in a healthier way. Reach out for help now and we are here to give you the support you need.

We provide a safe space for you to talk and help you to determine the underlying factors that causing you to feel a sense of distress. We help you to put your situation into right perspective and explore solutions to your problem. We teach you alternate ways of coping so that you can gradually stop your self-harm behaviors and resume a happier life.

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