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Treatment for Social Phobia

Treatment For Panic Attacks

Do you feel severe bouts of intense, short-lived anxiety episodes that make it difficult for you to go to school, spend time with friends, or even maintain a healthy relationship with your family? A generalized feeling of free-floating stress is normal. However, when this feeling becomes frequent and sudden to the extent that you are fearful of the next attack, then it may be a panic attack. These are the symptoms:

Do you:

  • Feel intense fear that something bad is about to happen?
  • Experience a racing heartbeat?
  • Shake or tremble when this episode starts?
  • Fear losing your mind or control?
  • Experience shortness of breath?


If you’ve answered yes to more than 2 questions, you should consult a therapist. Our therapists have wealth of experience in helping teenagers to identify the main cause of their panic attacks and giving them the tools to manage the condition so that they can progress in their school.

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