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A lotus drawing that signified Everything is one

Everything is One – Recovering from Anxiety

One of our clients began therapy a few years ago and quickly found relief after just a few sessions. However, when faced with an unexpected event that reignited her anxiety years later, she returned to therapy.  Through the therapy process, she uncovered that her fears were deeply rooted in her

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I am good, loved and safe image for growth stories

I am good, loved and safe

In therapy, it’s common to see clients go through big changes. One client’s journey really stood out. He started digging into himself and discovered his true worth, the depth of his connections, and the safety he felt. But the big breakthrough wasn’t about fixing things. It was about understanding and

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itness the journey of our client's remarkable growth, a painting by client

Witness the journey of our client’s remarkable growth

In the heart of midnight’s darkness and amidst the relentless downpour, a tale of resilience and self-discovery unfolds. Confronted by daunting challenges, our client faced fear and uncertainty head-on. Yet, as the light converged upon the umbrella, serving as a beacon of support and assistance, a profound realization dawned within

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Home At Last, a painting by him

Resilience Awakening

With our client’s permission, we would like to take a moment to share something truly remarkable with you – a picture that holds profound meaning and reflects the incredible progress that one of our clients have made on his therapeutic journey. This image, titled “Home at Last,” was created by

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