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treatment for sexuality and gender identity issues

Sexuality & Gender Identity Issue

Treatment For Sexuality and Gender Identity Issues It is not a norm in our culture to talk about sexuality in our day-to-day conversations. This may create a misconception of it is not appropriate to think about our sexual concerns, then lead to anxiety, frustration, and shame. These feelings and constant

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Treatment for Social Phobia

Social Phobia

Therapy for Social Phobia It’s normal to feel butterflies in your stomach when giving a public talk. But if you are feeling anxious or nervous in everyday interactions due to the fear of being judged by others or worry that you may embarrass yourself in front of others, this can

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Treatment for adjustment and transitional change

Life Changes

Therapy For Adjustment and Transitional Change Do you know stress itself can be positive or negative? The positive stress, called eustress, comes from events like starting a new job, relocating to a different country, home renovations, or starting a family. All these events can be exciting yet equally stressful. The

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Treatment for work-related stress

Work Related Issue: Making Career Choice/ Burn Out

Treatment For Work-Related Stress On average, Singaporeans spend 45 hours a week at work, which contributes to nearly one third of our awake time daily. Stressors at the workplace are unavoidable and a prolong unmanage stress will cause exhaustion and even burnout, eventually affecting all aspects of your life. Physically,

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trouble sleeping

Troubled sleeping

Therapy For Insomnia Nearly 4 in 10 Singaporeans not getting enough sleep, nearly 2 in 10 having insomnia issue. This is a common issue, yet it worth our attention to improve it. Sleep plays an important role to protect our physical and mental health. People who have poor sleep are

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Treatment for trauma management

Trauma Management

Therapy for Trauma Management Trauma may not only happen due to accident or natural disaster. It can be a result of psychological or emotional trauma such as abuse, bullying, discrimination, exploitation, humiliation, neglect and etc. These events affect how one’s perceiving themselves, others and the world. The common symptoms include:

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Therapy for relationship issues

Relational Issue/ Family Conflict

Therapy For Relationship Issues Relationships are a critical aspect of everyone’s life. It can be something you’re born with, like the relationship with parents and siblings, or something you choose, like with friends and spouse. The absence of a meaningful and fulfilling relationship in life can make you feel lonely,

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Treatment for Panic Attack

Panic Attack

Therapy for Panic Attack Have you ever experienced a sudden anxiety attack and felt like you nearly died? Did this sudden attack that came without any clear warning signs leave you in fear of the next attack? If this describes you, then you are experiencing a panic attack. There are

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Treatment for OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Therapy for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder OCD (We might) experience minor compulsions in our daily lives, like checking the door lock multiple times even if we’ve already locked it, or obsessively feeling the phone’s vibration or beeping even when it isn’t. These fixations are short-lived and manageable; they don’t hinder our daily

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Therapy for grief and loss, bereavement

Grief & Loss / bereavement counselling

Therapy For Grief and Loss Grief is a natural response to any type of loss, such as the death of a loved one, breaking up with a friend, losing a job, or getting divorced. With every loss, you may experience mix emotions of sadness, regret, guilt, anger, etc. Feeling all

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