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Treatment for Eating disorders and body image management

Eating Disorder / Body Image issue

Therapy For Eating Disorders & Body Image Management Eating too much because you’re feeling extra hungry or skipping a meal occasionally is normal, but some people develop unhealthy eating habits due to psycho-emotional reasons. For instance, using the bloated feelings from overeating to replace the emotional pain or going on

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Treatment for improving self-esteem or self-confidence

Enhance Self Esteem / Self Confidence

Therapy For Improving Self Esteem or Self Confidence When you have low self-esteem or self-confidence, you become your biggest enemy, hindering your own growth and progress. Constantly feeling bad about yourself or doubting yourself just weighs you down, and makes you feel more ashamed and guilty. Regardless of how much

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Therapy for Depression We all feel sad when you have lost something precious to you. It is normal to feel sad when we encounter loss (es), it can be a loss of our beloved item, loss of ambition or loss of someone. We grieve and mourn for few days or

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Treatment for anger management

Anger Management

Therapy for Anger Management We all feel angry from time to time, that’s perfectly normal to feel angry.  However, it becomes a problem when you act out your anger in a socially inappropriate and unacceptable way. Inability to manage and express your anger appropriately will hurt all aspects of your

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treatment for anxiety disorder

Anxiety Disorder

Therapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder It’s normal to occasionally worry about a relationship, financial, or health issues. However, people with a generalized anxiety disorder are consumed by excessive worries over these issues. Even if there are trivial matters such as going to an event or shopping for groceries. This constant

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